Providing wear resistant and low-friction coatings.

To extend tool and component lifetime.

Refmet at a glanceā€¦

Refmet Ceramics takes tools and components to new and extended levels of performance, utilising state of the art ceramic, diamond, diamond-like carbon, and ultra-low friction coatings to alleviate problems associated with adhesive wear, abrasive wear, fretting, pick up, galling and friction.

With ever increasing production speeds pushing tools to their limit, the need to replace worn or damaged parts becomes more frequent which results in expensive downtime, lost productivity and increased expenditure.

Our complimentary range of coatings provide unique solutions to equally unique wear and friction problems, ensuring tool and component performance is optimised, lifetimes are extended, and both downtime and expenditure is kept to a minimum.

Proven to consistently outperform a range of industry-standard treatments such as titanium nitride (TiN), chromium nitride (CrN), plasma sprayed thick-film ceramics and electroless platings (thin dense chrome and electroless nickel), our surface technologies are used in a wide range of applications in the aerospace, motorsport, metal forming, vacuum, sciences, plastic injection, and medical industries for one simple reason: they offer unparalleled flexibility with unrivalled levels of performance.

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