A new generation in coating technology

Solid Lubrication Film (SLF 74/16) provides the ultimate in low friction properties, offering the lowest coefficient of friction of any coating commercially available to date, and takes surface engineering to a new level of precision, and deposition flexibility that is simply unrivalled by any other coating process.

Developed out of an industry need for low friction surfaces, Solid Lubrication Film (SLF 74/16) addresses the fact that hardness alone is not the only critical factor governing wear by providing ultra-low friction properties that had all too often been perceived as of secondary importance.

The ultimate in low friction properties

With a coefficient of friction of 0.03µ – 0.07µ (dynamic/static) Solid Lubrication Film truly adds a new meaning to the term ‘low friction’ when compared to other so called ‘low friction’ coatings.

Acting as a permanent interfacial barrier between two mating surfaces, SLF 74/16 ensures metal-to-metal contact is avoided and friction and drag is kept to an absolute minimum.

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Deposited to a precision half of one micron in thickness, Solid Lubrication Film faithfully follows the substrate contours without exceeding existing dimensional tolerances. Such a degree of control ensures that there is no excessive coating build-up on edges, corners or threaded forms and with no post-coating requirements, parts can be put back into immediate service.

Process temperatures below 50°C

At less than 50°C, SLF 74/16 can be deposited onto a temperature sensitive materials without exceeding their critical tempering limit, thus ensuring that hardness, heat treatment and metallurgical properties remain intact and parts remain free from thermal distortion.

Wide range of substrate materials

SLF 74/16 can be successfully deposited onto an extensive range of ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic substrate materials as well as existing coated surfaces, including:

  • Tool steels
  • Bearing steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper and brasses
  • Chrome plate/Armoloy™
  • Electroless nickel
  • PVD coatings
  • Titanium Nitride
  • Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)

Internationally approved

SLF 74/16 is used and approved by a host of international companies in the aerospace, motorsport, oil and gas, medical and vacuum markets. SLF 74/16 meets the following International specifications and standards:

  • Aerospace: DOD-L-85646 A Type 1
  • Aerospace: SAE AMS 2530
  • Medical: ISO 10993
  • Medical: USP Class 6

Wide temperature capabilities

SLF 74/6 exceeds the limits of many conventional lubricants and surface treatments that enable it to function across an extensive temperature range from cryogenic temperatures as low as −188°C right up to 525°C in normal atmosphere, with the upper limit extended to 1,300°C under vacuum conditions.

Superior adhesion with high load capacity

Bonded by means of a covalent bond, SLF 74/16 becomes an integral part of the substrate surface that even under high point loading does not chip, crack, peel or delaminate. High loads are transferred through the coating and supported by the substrate itself making SLF 74/16’s load bearing capacity equal to the substrate itself.

Chemically inert

Providing high chemical stability with non-toxic and non-magnetic properties, SLF 74/16 meets to ISO 10993 approval making it ideally suited for use on medical devices that are subjected to sterilization and autoclave procedures or gamma radiation exposure.

Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) suitability

Under vacuum, SLF 74/16 exhibits very low outgassing characteristics that find many uses in the vacuum and space industries where the risk of migratory contamination make conventional lubricants impossible to use. Offering excellent adhesion and non-migratory characteristics SLF 74/16 provides exceptionally low outgassing and ultra-low friction properties that make it ideally suited for ultra high vacuum (UHV) applications.

Selective coating possibilities

Even though SLF 74/16’s precision half-micron coating thickness does not impair dimensional tolerances, there are times when certain surfaces must remain uncoated. SLF 74/16‘s flexible deposition process provides the ability to coat specified surfaces only.

Coating the impossible

SLF 74/16 extends the boundaries of coating possibilities, enabling parts to be processed that would otherwise be impossible to coat by any other method. With the ability to coat items such as fully assembled bearings, the inner diameter of long tubes, precision balls smaller than 1.0mm in diameter, or complexed shaped parts, SLF 74/16 extends the possibility to overcome wear, pick-up and galling and enhance the performance of a vast array of precision tools and components.

Endless possibilities, endless applications

SLF 74/16 already finds extensive use in the aerospace, motorsport, science, space, vacuum, medical device and plastic injection industries to name but a few, with other industries and areas of application being constantly explored and developed. Contact our engineers to discuss the merits of your potential application and see how Solid Lubrication Film (SLF 74/16) can improve your performance.

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