Working to the limit of efficiencies?

Precision, speed, load, stiffness, accuracy and low friction are all words used to describe the desirable requirements of an efficient leadscrew in which the surface coating Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), better known as Teflon, plays an instrumental role towards meeting these needs.

But with PTFE/Teflon coatings working near to the peak of their ability, the question this poses is: how do you raise the bar of efficiency and take leadscrews, ballscrews and other linear motion components to the next level of performance?

The answer is by using a surface treatment that offers even lower friction, higher load capabilities, a higher degree of coating accuracy and a host of other properties that far exceeds those provided PTFE/Teflon.

Beyond the limits of PTFE/Teflon

Refmet Ceramics' very own Solid Lubrication Film offers significant extensions to the desirable properties up and beyond those provided by PTFE/Teflon alone, giving leadscrews and ballscrews improved efficiencies, higher temperature capabilities and increased duty cycles.

Precision thickness, tighter tolerances

With its precise half of one micron coating thickness Solid Lubrication Film is a mere fraction of the total variable thickness of PTFE/Teflon. Such precision facilitates the ability to faithfully follow the thread-form contours without any build-up in the thread valleys.

This degree of accuracy enables tighter tolerances and closer fits between screws and nuts that enables the loads to be transmitted through the coating and supported by the substrate material without risk or fear of coating detachment.

Enhanced properties, reduced maintenance

At 0.03µ Solid Lubrication Film offers a lower coefficient of friction when compared to PTFE/Teflon, enabling faster speeds, improved efficiencies and a higher degree of repetition accuracy.

Unrestricted by temperature, Solid Lubrication Film significantly extends the limiting factors of PTFE/Teflon, taking the upper limit of use upto 500°C in air, and beyond 1,200°C under vacuum, whilst still performing at the opposite end of the scale at temperatures as low as -180°C.

With excellent low outgassing characteristics and resistance to both gamma ray sterilization and radiation exposure, Solid Lubrication Film becomes an excellent contender for use in vacuum and space environments.

Improve your leadscrew capabilities

Are you ready to take your linear motion devices to the next level? Find more information on the benefits of Solid Lubrication Film in our coatings section or contact our engineers to discuss your application and ideas.

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