Serving the paper converting industry

The paper converting industry is a constantly evolving sector that encompases a plethora of closely related operations that spans across a wide range of applications to convert paper, card, tissue, paperboard, corrugated, and packing materials, plus a wide variety of nonwoven webs and films into a finished consumer or industrial product.

Optimising productivity and minimising downtime is a key factor towards meeting growing demand, and ensuring optimum tool and cutter performance is a vital part in meeting these aims.

Tooling such as blades, slitters, perforators, shear blades, scoring knives, punches, embossers, die-cutters, winders and mandrels are all exposed to the abrasive nature of the converted product. Such wear can quickly reduce their cutting performance and lead to the need for frequent stops.

Refmet Ceramics unique and innovative ultra-hard, diamond coating overcomes abrasive wear and significantly extends cutter and blade lifetimes. Such benefits facilitates the possibility to increase productivity, minimise downtime and significantly reduce tool and cutter expenditure.

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