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With diamond, ceramics, composites and solid film lubricants being at the forefront of materials technology doesn’t it make sense to deposit such advanced materials in the form of a surface coating? That’s exactly what we thought when developing our range of cutting edge coating compositions in our quest to extend the boundaries of performance and extend the lifetime of tools and components.

With variable properties of immense hardness, super low friction and application specific surface chemistries, our range of surface coatings offer the ability to address the spectrum of tribological issues relating to wear, chemical affinities and frictional forces. Offering a high degree of deposition flexibility, our leading edge technology not only makes it possible to coat a wide range of substrate materials, but additionally offers the ability to process components that were previously deemed impossible coat or too costly to justify by any other means.

With wear being a universal mode of tool failure and presented in several different forms, providing a solution calls for more than a one size fits all approach, and that’s the reason why our technologies offer a range of specific properties to provide solutions to specific wear problems.

If your tools and components are exposed to failure through the following types of wear, or you simply wish to push the boundaries of performance to levels beyond the realms of imagination, then we are sure our surface technologies can assist in achieving your goal.

With each and every application posing its own unique set of challenges, determining the type of wear that parts are subjected to is one of the fundamental requirements to establish in order to determine the optimum surface treatment.

The most common types of wear are adhesive, abrasive (two body and three body), fretting, erosive and surface fatigue.

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