Serving the motorsport industry

Success in the motorsport industry is intricately linked to vehicle performance and gaining that ‘competitive edge’ can be best described as akin to ‘sharpening a razor blade’.

Working at the very edge of design and materials science, engineers constantly seek incremental improvements in order to optimise performance in the race to the chequered flag.

With friction being a major contributor towards the loss of power an essential requirement in optimizing output and minimising drag is to ensure that all moving and interconnecting parts of the engine and drive chain mechanisms have the lowest coefficient of friction possible.

From piston rings to piston skirts, or from drive chain gears to drive wheel bearings, all moving parts that generates heat, shows signs of wear, or results in pick-up and galling all contribute towards increased drag and reduced potential output.

Refmet’s Solid Lubrication Film (SLF 74/16) and Synthetic Diamond Film (SDF 24/6) provide ultra-low friction and wear resistant solutions to a vast array of motorsport components ranging from a Formula 1 car to the humblests of karts in order to optimise output that truly gain that all elusive competitive edge.

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