Serving the medical industry

With its strict requirements for non-toxic, biocompatible and inert surfaces, the medical and pharmaceutical markets sets a series of challenges for any coating to meet. Furthermore, any such surface treatment must possess a range of properties sufficiently robust enough to withstand the rigors of sterilization, autoclaving and gamma radiation exposure as well.

Whether it is tooling used to mould or form medical consumables, or the large array of intrusive and non-intrusive stainless steel components that are incorporated into medical, surgical and pharmaceutical equipment, they all have one thing in common: the need to have biocompatible, non-migratory, low friction surfaces that can eliminate metal-to-metal contact and overcome the tribological issues relating to wear, pick-up and galling.

Providing a series of complementary compositions, Refmet Ceramics medically safe coatings are ISO 10993 and USP Class 6 compliant that find use in applications where the risk of contamination from wet lubricants are totally impermissible.

Providing both performance enhancements and lifetime extensions, Refmet’s Solid Lubrication Film is applied to a variety of items such as valve and pump parts, threads, leadscrews, bearings, gears and tooling used to mould or extrude medical components and tubing.

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