Serving the plastic injection industry

The plastic injection moulding and forming industries are faced with a double edge sword: On one hand they need to stay competitive in the face of strong competition from the low cost economies, and on the other, those that are riding the storm and having difficulty keeping up with demand need to increase their output, but without further investment in capital equipment.

It’s a ‘do more with less situation’ that requires the moulder to look at new ways of increasing their productivity with the existing tools and equipment at their disposal.

Remaining at the forefront of tooling technology is one such essential requirement towards reducing tool maintenance costs whilst optimising productivity by reducing moulding cycle times to a minimum.

A mere fraction of a second reduction in the cycle time can not only provide a distinct increase in productivity on a moulding facility operating a multi-cavity mould on a 24/7 basis, but can also offer a significant contribution to the company’s overall profitability.

Refmet’s range of application specific coatings provides tools with the correct and optimum surface properties that are tried, tested and proven in a wide variety of moulding applications to aid product release, protect from abrasive and adhesive wear, resists corrosion from hot corrosive gases, overcomes ejector seizure and breakages and improves product quality.

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