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The difficulties of lubricating components such as bearings, slideways, shafts, gears and screws within a vacuum environment have long been realised, and the search to provide an effective, permanent lubricant to prevent pick-up and galling from metal-to-metal contact has been the quest for engineers and scientists alike.

Refmet’s Solid Lubrication Film (SLF 74/16) is a tried and tested surface coating that provides a precision half-of-one micron lubricating barrier between moving parts with exceptionally low outgassing characteristics. Permanently bonded to the substrate material, SLF becomes an integral part of the component’s surface structure that does not migrate or contaminate under vacuum conditions.

Solid Lubrication Film’s unique and highly flexible deposition process facilitates the ability to coat tools, parts and linear motion components that were previously deemed impossible to coat.

With the ability to operate through an extensive temperature range without affecting viscosity, Solid Lubrication Film is the ideal choice for use in ultra-high vacuum applications.

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